Water Leak Repairs

Wet basements and underground parking structures

 Using products from world leaders in waterproofing we are able to repair water leaks in concrete structures. We most commonly repair cracks in basement walls,  or crawlspaces / foundation walls and underground parking structures where water is leaking through the walls, ceilings and pipe openings.

 If the structure is stable we are able to carry out the crack repairs using a repair mortar system that uses crystalline technology, whereby water or moisture in the concrete reacts with the product causing crystals to grow and fill the pores within the concrete. These crystals will continue to grow or be reactivated in the presence of water.

 If there is slight movement in the structure urethane injection may be more suitable. This method forces the chemical through the cracks by use of a high pressure pump. The urethane reacts immediately with moisture in the cracks to produce a dense closed cell foam stopping off the water.

 These repair methods have the benefit of being able to carried out from the inside of the structure, meaning expensive excavation, removal and replacement of sidewalks/patios and landscaping is not required.

the signs of water leaking into a basement
Typical crack in a basement wall

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