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Slab Jacking - Raising Sunken Concrete

 If your concrete has sunk it is probably due to improper compaction of the fill material during construction.
This problem is compounded by rain water washing away particles creating voids beneath the slab and
causing it to drop. Slab jacking (or mud jacking) is an excellent restoration solution for this problem. The

process begins by drilling a series of small holes in the surface of the slab.

A grout mixture (commonly sand, clay and cement) is then pumped through the holes to fill the voids. When
the voids are full the slab begins to rise until the proper level is reached and pump is stopped.

 The benefits of slab jacking are firstly the cost as opposed to breaking up the slab, removal and replacement
and secondly the colour and surface texture will remain consistent with the surrounding concrete.

Contact us for a free inspection to see if slab jacking is the right choice for you.

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