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Perimeter Drain Flushing


What are perimeter drains?

 Perimeter drains or drain tile are the drains that collect ground water around your home at the footing

at the base of the wall. They are there to protect your basement or crawl space from the intrusion of water.

Why should they be cleaned?

 Over time sediment and debris can collect in the drainage system and can lead to a blockage. If this occurs 

ground water can no longer be safely removed from around your home - this can lead to flooding in your 

basement and cause extensive damage. It is recommended to have your perimeter drain system flushed 

on a regular basis. (approximately 3 years apart)

How are the drains flushed?

 The drains are cleaned by hydro scrubbing - this involves sending a high pressure water line through the 

system to break up and remove the silt and clean the inside of the pipes so that they are like new again.

When should I clean my drains?

 Perimeter drains can be cleaned at any time of year but to be proactive have them cleaned before Winter

and be protected against the worst weather.

                                                   perimeter drain cleaning in Greater Vancouver

                  "Out of site, out of mind"  Unfortunately this us what can happen over time.

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