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Parking Lot / Roadway Safety Solutions

Concrete Only Restoration Services
can supply and install the following products to improve
safety for pedestrians, and help protect vehicles and property in parking lots or strata complexes.


Parking Stall Stops / Curbs

 Made from recycled rubber, these parking stops can be installed on concrete or asphalt surfaces.

Because of their flexibility they can be installed on uneven ground and unlike concrete will not break,

crack or chip. They can be used to safely stop vehicles within a parking space or for curb applications.

Rubber Traffic Stop Installation

Installation of parking stops

Colour options : Black with yellow stripe
                        Black with white stripe
                        Blue with white stripe - denoting handicapped parking
                        Brown with white stripe

Speed Bumps


An aggressive speed bump to efficiently reduce and enforce vehicle speed to a near stop.

Can be installed on concrete or asphalt.

Installation of recycled rubber speed bumps


Speed Humps

 Designed to reduce vehicle speed while maintaining traffic flow.

Can be installed on concrete or asphalt.

Installation of recycled rubber speed humps - Vancouver, Lower Mainland



Parking Guards

Corner Gaurds               A light or heavy version available to help protect property and vehicles  

                                       from damage on wall or column corners.

Wall Gaurds                   Ideal for protecting buildings and vehicles in tight areas and loading bays.

Post/Bollard Covers      A high visibility yellow cover for metal or concrete posts, eliminating the
                                       need for scraping and repainting painted surfaces.


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